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One of Nigeria’s biggest breakfast show on Africa Independent Television( AIT) . Insecurity In Nigeria and its Effects on Teaching & Learning In Schools.

Bridges on NTA
Africa’s largest TV network
Keeping Girls In School 

Daybreak Nigeria Breakfast Show on KAFTAN TV

The Way Forward For Education In Nigeria. 

Arise TV
The Impact of the Covid 19 Pandemic on Education.

Book reading for girls from underserved communities 

Government Day Secondary School Outreach for IDG.

Community Outreach In Kabusa FCT for Girls Who Got Pregnant & Dropped out Of School To Commemorate International Day Of Girl The Child (IDG 2022). 


Irene was featured as she called on Government to fund education now as resources not spent on schools will be used to build more prisons and buy ammunition tomorrow

WFM 91.7

Irene was recently featured as shared insights on how government can provide systems for safe and quality education in Nigeria.

Blueprint Newspaper

Irene granted interview in the wake of Covid 19 outlining strategies for the protection of Girls and women as they are more vulnerable in the pandemic.

Power Woman Magazine

Irene recently made it to the cover page of Power Woman Magazine. She shared insights into her life, family, career and love.

WFM 91.7

Irene called on Government to include children in rural communities in the ongoing e-learnng programs.

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Do not allow your child(ren), schools or organisation experience teaching and learning deficiencies. Irene works with students, parents, schools and organisations to improve their educational outcomes by assessing, designing and developing best fit solutions. 


Mentoring helps to grow skills and new perspectives towards life or career.  Irene runs both paid and free mentoring sessions for girls and women. Her mentoring programs gives clarity and quantum leap her target audience to success.


Impactful speakers are people whose words keep speaking long after the event had been over. Irene is an impactful speaker who gets hired to speak on educational and gender issues at  Parents Teachers Forum, faith based organisations, Non-profit organisations,multinationals and governmental agencies.