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Irene works with her clients to assess their needs, designs, develops and delivers best fit solutions in her area of expertise- curriculum/instruction enrichments, academic interventions, personalised education plan, parents academic support resources, teacher -parent , school improvement plan, engagements, school/ course choices.
📌Book 1 hour Educational Clarity Session via zoom 
📌Book Full Educational Consulting Service.
Starting  from $1,000.
Irene is a mentor per excellence,she dedicates her time and experience to support her mentees.
Whether it is a free mentoring program for people from underserved communities or paid one by individuals or organisations Irene empowers them with tools to resolve their present issues and  to develop coping strategies for the  future.
Irene has been dubbed the “Queen of Talks” since she engages her audience and captivates them with enthusiasm, knowledgeablity and authencity.
Irene inspires her audience to take actions that will lead to their growth and success.

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